Tarot What Is It?

"When you look out there you're dreaming,
when you look inside you awaken."
-Carl Jung

Below are some answers to some of the most asked questions that I have recieved over the years:

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a tool that may assist us when we are at a crossroad in our life.

As far back as the Egyptians, the Tarot was known as 'The Royal Road of Life'. This refers to important milestones that mark special or significant events along our life's journey.



How does Tarot work?

Tarot taps into our unconscious and brings issues to the surface in order to make us conscious of them. We then have the opportunity to change things, rectify the situation, make things better, turn our life around and achieve our goals more effectively.

We can easily associate with Tarot because of the pictures. Every item in the Tarot card is an archetypal symbol, this means that it has a standard or basic specific energy and meaning that everyone on the planet understands in an unconscious manner eg: the mother is the nurturer and the father is the authority figure. Because we dream in pictures, these symbolic archetypal messages are what connects us more easily with the Tarot.

Why Tarot?

I personally have loved Tarot, Astrology and alternative healing such as Reiki and Shamanic healings for as long as I can remember, no matter what drama was going on in my life, I always had the Tarot to consult with or study the heavens to see what was going and to somehow explain what I was experiencing. And I did get my answers. Plus I didn't want to talk to someone about it and for them to tell me, I wanted to find out for myself.

And this is what I think is the main point or crux with Tarot and Astrology and alternative healings. Tarot is the first port of call that people will consult with to see if there really is something wrong. People want to see someone that is not a friend or family member to speak with about their issue. Someone neutral and impartial not someone that knows them and may be one-sided or biased. Then a good Tarot reader will let the client know to go see a psychologist or a masseur or have a Reiki healing to get a handle on the issue and heal the wounds if they need to.


My mind is my garden,
My thoughts are my seeds,
I can choose to planet either Roses or Weeds.
What Tarot card am I?

Answer is: The Magician

When is it a good time for Tarot?

Anytime is a good time for Tarot!

You may choose to pick one card per day or seek guidance from a weekly spread. It's just up to you how much commitment and energy you want to put into it. People seem to consult the Tarot mostly around their birthday or around the New Year to see what the challenges or opportunities are for the year ahead.

I have been invited to many a Hens Night to do readings for the bride to be and her guests. it is also trendy these days to have a Tarot Reader at a social event or corporate work function, ie: end of financial year parties, Xmas parties, school orientation or health days through to a launch of a new centre.

My main readings however are for people who are experiencing a time of confusion, or feel they are at a crossroads in their life. People usually have a plan A or a Plan B and having a Tarot reading during this time may assist you in confirming the best path to take. In fact, clarification may come immediately through the symbolic images.

Or the Tarots may confirm that the querant is on the right path and this then gives them confidence to continue. Tarot gives people confidence to follow their path.

I get my students to pick a card per day for them to siphon what their inner Spirit is trying to get them to become conscious or aware of. Tarot helps us see that we are all mirrors of each other and that we are projecting all the time. Tarot helps us to see the projection and real it back in and to trust in oneself.

There is Power in Clarity

I often liken the Tarots to a Street Directory. We consult the street directory to get from A to B in the shortest or best route available, same with the Tarots they will confirm your on the right path or notl. The querant will always know deep down which is the correct path, but sometimes the Ego wants to go a specific way – usually the wrong way – and by having a consultation you will understand which is the better way and you will feel resolved about it. Tarots help people get on track, they feel like things are moving ahead.

People will often consult the Tarots when they are at a cross-roads in life. I also have people that come to see me once a year to look at the year ahead so they get the most of the year or avoid certain areas in their life. Tarots brings clarity to confusion.

Want a Bit More?

I suppose Tarot works the best for those that are questioning or looking for a deeper meaning in life. When both parties have some understanding of Tarot, it allows us to tap into many more levels, the deeper you go the more you will see, and it always surprises me how much more there is still to explore.

The best part of Tarot is how it gives us the opportunity to open up to Spirit. When we have Spirit in our lives we feel fulfilled. There is no void within and we feel whole and complete. However our ego will fight tooth and nail to make us avoid Spirit at every turn. It will make up excuses so it survives and remains in charge. Our ego does not want you to wake up to your Spiritual side.

I find when someone is in need of a Tarot reading, or interested in joining one of my Tarot in Action Programs, I see a person who is looking for something more in life. They are ready to connect with Spirit and at some level they know it. I often feel that I'm the lucky one because following a Tarot reading or after completing my program, I see their eyes opening up. i see the Spirit awaken and then the magic really starts to happen.


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