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 "There is no reality,
There is only perception."



24 June 2016

Time to start a Tarot Book page on this webiste to record all the updates with creating this book. Latest news on the book, it is currently in the hands of the Editors being laid out with the correct fonts and all the pictures in place, etc. Then I will have many chances to look and comment on the layout before it goes to a full print.

I am also now working on the Book Launch. Where to have the event, people to invite and creating the invitations. OMG so many things to work out and prepare. I am amazed how I went from working on the book mode to Book Launch and time to celebrate it mode. 

I have been writing this book for many many years, I found it very therapeutic for me especially while my mother was going through her Dementia, being hospitalised, then in a nursing home and finally passing over. This book gave me solace.

All up it has taken 4 years of accumulation through to completion. From typing it up, reading and re-reading, going back and forth, 1 year was just in the editing of the book alone! Overall it has been a rewarding experience, a culmination of over 30 years of all my work, studies and experiences all coming together.

After many nights of writing and re-writing, from getting permission to use the Rider Waite pictures through to finding the right person to assist me in bringing this book into the physical reality, it has been a wonderful experience. I may only write one book ever, so I want to do it right.

Recently, I have added some pictures to share.



I love Fractals, they remind me of our life's journey and our experiences coming around and around, within and also without.

I also like to use the colour gold because when you tap into your shadow side this is where you will find all your gold! 

This is another reason I like to use the gold keys, and I use heaps of gold keys throughout the book.

Once the book is published, you will be able to purchase the Book here through my online Shop.



27 December 2016

Met with my Publisher Pat again for a coffee and to discuss the progress of the book. All year the book has been going back and forth now to the lovely person who has being laying out the book and formatting the pages. It is really starting to become real.

We discussed the next phase which is the launch of the book. I have been scouting for venues and listing some fabulous ideas on how to make the evening a grand success. Looks like I am aiming for Late March or early April, before the end of daylight saving.


July 2017

My book is currently at the Printers...OMG...it is about to become a real artifact! My publisher has rushed it through so he take this sample with him to a huge Chinese Publishers Convention in China, from there he is taking it to Queensland and then Sydney for special events he is attending there, then it is off to South Africa for more publicity. He will post me back some pictures of my book doing its whirlwind trip around the world so I can share and blog them here.

Cannot wait to hold the book in my hands! In the meantime, he are some pictures of book travelling around the world.




November 2017

The book is finally in my hands yeay! What a journey to get it to this point. One last final edit, because things look different when you see it in actually book mode. I am happy with the Printer I have chosen, that was process in itself! After my final check it is off to the Printers.


December 2017 - Tarot Distinctions Pre-Orders

In the meantime, the book is now available for Pre-Order. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me, if you are interested and would like me to Pre-Order the book for you now. This will assist me in paying for the printing of the book also, to which I will be forever grateful!

Once I have settled on a Printer and price for the printing, I can then set a Retail Price on the book. I am recieving all the quotes in now. I will be selling the book through my Online Shop on this website. Stay Tuned! 


"Hello Miss!! I know I still have homework to get to you things have just been a little hectic. I’m wondering if your taking pre orders for your book or if it’s launched. I have to support you on this venture. I think it’s amazing and I’m proud of you for putting yourself out there. Let me know when I can get my hands on my very own copy. I’ll bring it up with me to get it personally signed!!!" xx love Nic



March 2018 - Book Launch at the Moonee Ponds Bowling Club!

All the planning has finally come to this, the Book Launch! I can now call myself a published Author!

The book launch was planned for 8 March, which coincided with International Women's Day, a very auspicious day! The 8 March is also an 8+3=11 day a master number and 11 is also my birthdate. Another reason I wanted the book priced at $56, not only because there are 56 minor arcana, but also 5+6=11.

For the evening, I created what I called a Tarot Potion No.11 drink. There were Tarot cards all over the walls of the venue, music, flashing pictures on the wall telling my Tarot story, plenty of friends and food abound! It was a memorable night celebrating my journey!




"Hey Ruanna, Just want to congratulate you for a wonderful night I had a great time. The book is fantastic well done! xxx Love Nia

"I love your book! I can't put it down but I need to as I am trying to do things and read at the same time, I don't want it to get dirty." Love Jennifer

"I absolutely love the book. I love how much information there is, the films to watch, books to read, quotes and how easy it is to read. Well done and congratulations again! Julie

"Hi Ruanna.  Thank you so much. I love your book and have had my head buried in it quite a lot since Thursday, it brings back so many beautiful memories of our classes.  I  thought the night was an absolute triumph for you, you have produced a wonderful body of work, had a fantastic turnout and great support from all of your tribe and I was so proud to be numbered amongst them. Well deserved congratulations." Love Geraldine xx

"When recommending any book on the spirit world to beginners it's always James Van Praagh's Talking to Heaven or Reaching to Heaven, becuase they're so easy to read in the most basic sense and really enjoyable to understand. This book, Tarot Distinctrions is the same. Ruanna breaks down each aspect of the card so that anyone can not only understand Tarot but enjoy it. I have other Tarot books that have been very confusing and hard to understand and then I bought Tarot Distinctions. I finally have my "aha" moments when looking at the cards. This has made my Tarot journey a much brighter and knowledgeable one." Kelly

 "Just wanted to let you know that I started your book last night. The details is amazing and the more I get through the more I am beginning to understand the scope of what you have accomplished! Tonight I will begine Chapter 3, Marjor Arcana. Can't wait. After one small night of reading, my thoughts have been swirling and I am looking forward to getting stuck into one more night! Warm regards, Johnny

"Thank you Ruanna
I have been reading your Tarot Distinction book since I got it a few weeks ago and wow you put so much work into it, your heart and soul. As I started learning tarot with you many years ago maybe 16 years ago and am so grateful to have your book as you have integrated so many layers of understanding while honored the sacred tarot journey of the human consciousness within your book. Congratulations Ruanna Divine book" - Kerrie



March 2018 - Tarot Distinctions Books for Sale Now!

We have printed the books, whoohoo finally! I now have them for sale. It has only taken 4 years to produce this book, one year was just for the editing alone, you can say I was very particular! I am very honoured to go through this process and its only just the beginning!

Available for sale in Australia at the moment. If you are from overseas, you may This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to enquiry about overseas postage costs.

Tarot Distinctions is a Comprehensive Exploration Into the Ancient Wisdom of Tarot.

This Tarot Distinctions book includes:
~ Over 460 pages
~ In full colour
~ Totally Australian made
~ The choice for you to learn Tarot for yourself
~ An in-depth Q & A section
~ Fabulous reference manual
~ Heaps of Gold Keys thoughout the book
~ Exercises for you to do
~ Featuring 2 classic spreads: 3 Card Spread and the classic Celtic Cross
~ Index section at the back
~ List of books recommended for reading
~ Touches on all these modalities: Numerology, Astrology, Mythology, Colours, Psychology and so much more!


Tarot Distinctions Book - $56. each buy-now




Stockists Selling the Tarot Distinctions Book



1. Tarot in Action shop
    165 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds Vic 3039. Ph: 9370 1415.
    Open by appointment.

2. The Theosophical Society Bookshop
    2nd Floor, 126 Russell St, Melbourne Vic 3000. Ph: 9650 3955.
    10am - 6pm. Closed Sundays.

3. Back to Basics
    157 Nelson Place, Williamstown Vic 3016. Ph: 9397 7619.
    Open 10am - 6pm.  7 days per week.

4. Empress and Wolf
    35 Vincent St, Daylesford Vic 3460. Ph 5348 3111.
    Open 10:30am - 5:30pm. 7 days per week.


5. New Dimensions Theosophical Society Bookshop
    310 South Terrace, Adelaide Vic 5000. Ph: 08 8223 4877.
    Open M-F: 10am - 6pm. Sat: 10- 4pm. Sun: 12pm - 4pm.




6. Way Feng Shui Group
    149 Rochor Road, #02-11 Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425. Ph: +65 6338 3800
    Open 10am - 6pm. Sat: 10am - 12noon. Closed Sundays.

    NB: Orders will be personally delivered when I visit Singapore in August 2019.



"Activate the Tarot and Activate your life!"


"Having been a student of Ruanna's this book is a must have!! Its like being inside her head with all her knowledge and wisdom at your finger tips. Its my go to when I feel stuck or need a refresh on a particular meaning of a card. Even to keep my skills up to date it has been fantastic. They say you should read many books, and you should but with this one makes it hard for me to pick up anything else. It is truly AMAZING! I must for any Tarot Card Reader...beginner or Professional!!" -Lisa

"This Tarot Distinctions book is my first go to book when I need to reference a card. It's easy to find the cards I am looking for, and seeing all the Tarot cards in full colour adds so much more richness to the meanings, I love it! Well done Ruanna! -Nikki 

"I love this book!" -Kelly

"It's my go to book!" -Jenni

"I have been waiting for this book and its finally in my hands. Congratulations Ruanna on the launch of your new book.Thanks for signing it for me Ruanna. You are an amazing teacher! I'm blessedto have been ableto spend such quality timelearning from a master. I can't wait until I do my next course with you. It won't be long. There's my Easter weekend sorted! -Nikki

"Wanted to share with you that your book is amazing and may cards are healing me. Your insights and interpretations through the book works wonders. So glad to have you in my life and to be able to learn Tarot cards, thank you!" -Vivian

"Used and abused and totally loved! The Tarot Distinctions book went on Holidays with me to Belgium!" -Fran.
"Your book is just wonderful! Everything is just there. I reflect back on it all the time. It's like you are at home with me. Your Tarot Distinctions book is amazing! Thank you! -Helen





"Hello, I was just wanting to know if you wholesale your book, 'Tarot Distinctions’?
I am a crystal ball reader mainly, but I do incorporate tarot in my sessions. I have stumbled across your book & I like the content & ease of use your book gives. I would like to be able to offer it for sale in my shop, & online. I am the Empress & Wolf, in Daylesford." -Elica

"Good morning Ruanna, I am back in Nairobi and getting over the jetlag. ....very slowly. I have started using your book and I wanted to ask you to clarify what you mean by "activate" with reference to a card you pick daily.....see page 436 at the top. I must tell you again how much I enjoyed the session I had with you and would like to add  how much the cards are helping me to see deeper in events and situations in my life. Thank you and all the best, -Danae

"Just had to give you a call to say how superb your Tarot Distinctions book is, well done on presenting such a beautiful book! I have been reading cards since I was a teenager and your description have opened my eyes again. I have never noticed the two different shoes in the 7 of Wands before! So many insights into all the cards. Also, I now pick a card per day and I have fallen in love with the Tarot all over again, thank you so much! I compliment you on a superb book!" -Julie

"Bought the last copy in Back to Basics shop in Williamstown for my daughter, the woman who served me said "the lady who wrote that comes in this shop and she's absolutely fascinating and is an absolute master of tarot" and I said ohhh really?!! Hahaha! -Adele

"Ruanna's book is a must have for those of us on the tarot journey. She tells us her journey and there is a wealth of information. It's also a wonderful reference tool. She also signed it beautifully for me. It's called Tarot Distinctions. Thank you Ruanna!" -Anne



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