Tarot in Singapore

"The privilege of a lifetime
is to become who you truly are."
- Carl G. Jung

My History with Singapore

I have travelled to Singapore for many years. The first time I went back as an adult was in 1988, I remember this year because it was the Bi-Centenary year of Australia, there were celebrations all year long and for me going to Singapore, Malaysia and the island of Borneo was a trip of a lifetime I will always remember.

Tarot Book

 "There is no reality,
There is only perception."



24 June 2016

Time to start a Tarot Book page on this webiste to record all the updates with creating this book. Latest news on the book, it is currently in the hands of the Editors being laid out with the correct fonts and all the pictures in place, etc. Then I will have many chances to look and comment on the layout before it goes to a full print.

I am also now working on the Book Launch. Where to have the event, people to invite and creating the invitations. OMG so many things to work out and prepare. I am amazed how I went from working on the book mode to Book Launch and time to celebrate it mode. 

Tarot Classes

"And above all else to thy own self be true."
-Willam Shakespeare

Over the years through teaching my Tarot, Astrology and Numerology classes, I have met so many wonderful people, some have become dear friends. The link for all of us coming together was our love of Tarot.

I have taught many people all at different levels, some understood the Tarot cards intuitively and they joined my class just to learn what the symbols mean, others would know nothing about Tarot and their hunger to learn is simply overwhelming for them.

Tarot Readings

"Please...tell me who you are and what you want,
and if you think those are simple questions,
keep in mind that most people live their entire lives
without arriving at an answer."
-Gary Zukav, Author, The Seat of the Soul.

Private one to one Tarot readings and psychic consultations are available from my shop in Moonee Ponds.

It is recommended to book well in advance with me because I may be booked out already. I use my shop to do readings, classes and healings. I do work every day of the week including weekends, we just need to work out a day and time that suits us both.

Tarot Advanced Classes

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

Revisit the Tarot on a much deeper level. The Tarot Advanced program is designed for those wanting more knowledge, enhancing Tarot skills and gaining further confidence interpreting the cards.

There are many levels in the Tarot as you know, and this program allows exploring these many levels giving you further insights, discussing them with others in class, thereby coming away not just with your own discoveries but with everyone else's learnings as well.

Tarot Online Packages

"There is a crack in everything and
that is when the light gets in."
-Leonard Cohen

Tarot Video Classes **Available NOW!!

I now have made available my entire comprehensive beginners Tarot program on video. Yes I have filmed an entire 6 month program with permission of those in the 2011 class.

The experience I wanted to convey in these videos is that you feel like you are part of this class. It's as if the students in the video are asking the questions like you were asking the questions yourself.

After teaching Tarot since 1995 the questions are pretty much the same today. Having 22 videos and over 40 hours to work through you can imagine how many questions arise and we work through all of them.

Tarot Shadow Counseling

"By embracing my dark shadows,
I am healing and becoming whole.
I am gaining wisdom and learning compassion."
-Christine Jette

I also offer one to one Tarot Counseling for those that need to go a bit deeper, rectify or clear out beliefs that are no longer supporting you or holding you back in your life today.

I use Tarot cards to venture down into the unconscious to discover what is in your shadow. My Shamanic healing practices also come through as remedies to assist you with creating new healthy habits to get your life on track. Together we can look behind the mask of fear and turn it into your most powerful ally.

Tarot Further Studies

"I don't think God cares where we were graduated
or what we did for a living.
God wants to know who we are.
Discovering this is the work of the soul
- it is our true life's work."
- Bernie Siegel

Tarot Reading Practice

For those that would like to just practice doing Tarot readings and sharing various spreads with others, this afternoon workshop is for you.

I have often been asked if I run these types of classes and after so many requests I have decided to run them again. Meet others that also have some expertise in Tarot and also learn from them.

Tarot What Is It?

"When you look out there you're dreaming,
when you look inside you awaken."
-Carl Jung

Below are some answers to some of the most asked questions that I have recieved over the years:

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a tool that may assist us when we are at a crossroad in our life.

As far back as the Egyptians, the Tarot was known as 'The Royal Road of Life'. This refers to important milestones that mark special or significant events along our life's journey.

Tarot My Experience

"Follow your Bliss."
-Joesph Campbell

I have been a Professional Teacher of Tarot and the Facilitator of the Tarot in Action programs since 1995. Also professional member of the Australian Psychics Assoc.

I take my work very seriously and to Earn the Right in being a great teacher, I believe you need a world of information. For my complete list of experiences, read on...

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All day parking is available across the road from my shop. Or travel by public transport - Airport West Tram line coming from Elizabeth St in the City. Tram numbers, #49, #52, #59. My Tram stop number is #36.


"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
- Ruanna