Numerology Readings

"A wizard is never a minute late or a minute early.
He arrives precisely when he means to."
-Gandolf, Lord of the Rings

Primarily I see many people wanting to have Numerology reading for example when they are considering changing their name. Do you use your middle name or not? What is your best power name to use?

Numerology can impact on your life in the most extrodinary way, usually people that really want change in their life have a Numerology reading. Are you looking or are you ready for the change?

Your Personal Year numbers can tell you when it's a good time to change career, through to selling up and moving house or the best year to travel for you. Many others consult Numerology for the best day to married!

Tapping into Numerology in this way can only support you to get the most out of all your experiences in life, this also saves you so much time and money!



Some other things to think about before having a Numerology reading:

  • Explore your birthdate
  • What is your Personal Year number?
  • What does your name reveal about you?
  • Are you using your best power numbers?
  • Are you a Master Number and how does this impact on your life?
  • When to use Numerology?

I always offer a little Numerology when I do my Tarot Readings as well, because I just have to know your power numbers. This also gives you more added information, a well rounded reading, practical steps to take and all these various modalities support each other so we know we are on the right track.

My fee is:   

This includes your report and 1 hour Numerology reading.

I will need payment up front, because I will be spending time working out your chart before I meet with you.
I will also require your full name at birth, the current name you use today, as well as your birthdate.


August 2015

"I love numbers. I had a Numerology reading done a couple of years ago that was computer generated but not clear on navigating it. I'd prefer one a bit more personalised. Thank you for your insights." -Bev

January 2011

"Many thanks. Your readings have been great!" -Glenda Van Tol

To make a booking please call me on 9370 1415 or on my mobile 0418 388 712 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you are interested in doing a 5 hour Numerology workshop, please subscribe to my newsletter Revelations in the box provided below to recieve all the latest dates and times on all my classes.

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All day parking is available across the road from my shop. Or travel by public transport - Airport West Tram line coming from Elizabeth St in the City. Tram numbers, #49, #52, #59. My Tram stop number is #36.


"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
- Ruanna