Healings Reiki and Classes

"If you give people light,
they will find their own way."
-Phil Donahue

I practice and teach the Usui Method of Natural Healing founded by Dr Mikao Usui, or Usui Sensei from Japan. I like to use the traditional method of the Reiki healing practice.

This life force treatment is transmitted by the laying of hands in certain positions. The life force energy travels along the myridians and the receiver allows it to be as strong as it needs to be.

Healings doTerra Essential Oils

"I put a drop of lavender essential oil
on my pillow before I go to sleep."

-Melissa Joan Hart

doTerra Essential Oils

I am so excited to now be part of a new industry that is taking the world by storm. doTerra are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils, which means they have been put through vigorous testing to claim this title.

DoTerra means 'Of Earth'. The quality of this product is perfect, they are safe and effective, pure and anti-bacterial with a no used by date!

Healings Sorcery Spiritual Shamanic Classes

"I am already given to the power that rules my fate;
And I cling to nothing so I have nothing to defend;
I have no thoughts so I can see:
I fear nothing so I can remember myself:
Detached and at ease, I dart past the eagle to be free."
-Carlos Castenada

This workshop is ready to go, and I am looking forward to exploring Sorcery, Shamanic and Spiritual development practices with those that are seeking. What does it take to become a modern Shaman in the world today?

Many people over the years have asked me to do a Spiritual Development class and finally I have been able to pull away from the Tarot and Astrology enough to gather together all the other modalities and practices to create an exciting new program that covers the Spiritual, Shamanic and Sorcery methods.

Healings Shamanic

"Any fool can run towards the light.
It takes a master with courage to turn and
face the darkness and shine his own light there."
-Leslie Fieger, Author of the Delfin Knowledge System.

I have been interested in Shamanic healings and alternative healing modalities ever since reading all of Carlos Castenada books many years ago in the early 1980s. He wrote about his experiences as a sorcerers aprentice and his lessons in Toltec Wisdom. Maybe reading these books opened me up which lead me to my Tarot and esoteric studies that I practice and teach today.

There are many Shamans from different culture's all around the world, African, Hawaiian and the Toltec's in America to name just a few.

Healings Meditation

"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance.
Know well what leads to you moving forward and what holds you back,
and choose the path that leads to wisdom."

Meditation is by far the most important thing you can ever do for yourself and for your life. Meditation assists you to calm down so you can connect to your higher self.

I like meditations that focuses raising your vibration around love thereby healing ourselves, our loved ones, our friends, including our pets and our mother Earth.

Healings My Experience

"We hardly ever realise that we can cut anything out of lives,
anytime, in the blink of an eye."
-Carlos Castenada


From 2002-2004 I experienced a two year apprenticeship with a Sorcerer. My eyes opened and have been open ever since!

I have grown in all areas of my life because of putting into practice what I learned and also because of my new beliefs. I said to myself if I want to really see if being a warrior for peace really works I have to be the example, I have to demonstrate it, especially because I teach tarot and have to be responsible and impeccable to my word.

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"Discover the hidden keys in the Tarot and experience profound personal growth" 
- Ruanna