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Revelations #151 December 2019


Hi Everyone,

I love a good Xmas Tree. This one had flashing sparkling lights!

Thank you to all my students and clients for another wonderful year. For all the incredible readings and the growth we all experienced throughout this year, I thank you!

May Xmas be safe with your family and friends. Have a well deserved rest, with heaps of fun and memorable times during the holiday season. Many blessings to you all!

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Heaps of Specialness...



1. Astrological Report & Calendar of Events for December
2. Tarot Cards Answer the Monthly Question
3. Classes, Workshops, Programs and Products
4. Festivals, Expo's, Special Events and Fundraisers



1. Astrological Report for December

The month begins with Jupiter entering Capricorn on 3 December. Therefore, all the Capricorn's are going to gain all the good fortune for this next year. For everyone else, whichever house in your Natal chart has Capricorn on the cusp, this is where there may be a fertile change.

But remember we are looking at Capricorn energy. Capricorn is an earthy practical energy. Capricorn's work hard for their money and this is just the case here. Maybe you will love to do the work, or it will be a fun job to do, whichever way you look at it "work" is the operative word and there will be a reward for a job well done! 

On the 10 December, Mercury finally ends its transit through Scorpio. Mercury has been in Scorpio since October. It went Retrograde throughout November and in December it will finally leaves this very powerful and intense Scorpio energy. 

Now is the time to complete the process that we started in October. Ideas coming up from the depths, or things that we have been sitting on for a while will suddenly lighten up and be dealt with.

Mercury enters Sagittarius and everything will finally make sense. Now everything will lighten up and start to flow again. The highest purpose here is to aim, shoot your arrow for that higher ground and let the healing settle everything,
finally heal with it and let it go.

What a lovely combination Mercury and Sagittarius are together. This really activates the seeker energy. Therefore careful what you say to yourself. How many times have we heard this? Thinking bigger and trusting the universe can lift you up and give you a sense of fulfillment.

On 12 December we have Full Moon in Gemini. Which is really interesting because the Sun and Mercury have both moved into Sagittarius, which is the polarity to Gemini.

The Sun, representing our outer personality and confidence, with Mercury ruling our mental and analytical mind, combined with the Full Moon in Gemini. All will be assisting us to stand in our power and believe in our own thoughts.

On 21 December, the planet Venus enters Aquarius.
What an amazing energy this will bring just before Xmas. Venus in Aquarius is very beautiful and accepting energy.

Venus the planet of love and justice mixing with Aquarius the sign of humanity and that love of brotherhood and sisterhood of man.

Great time to share the love, be unconditional, and to fall in love with something different!

On the day after Xmas Day, 26 December we have a New Moon Eclipse in the early degrees of Capricorn. Eclipses are powerful, they highlight the energy more so, make us look behind the veil so to speak.

The sign of Capricorn is very down to earth and practical energy, it is not about the size of the gift that matters, its about the value and meaning behind it. This energy will give us the opportunity to give the gift of love and kindness, the things that really matter.

What a wonderful powerful month, happy breakthroughs!    

Calendar of Events For December

2019 - United Nations International Year
        of Indigenous Languages


1  Hanukah (Jewish).
2  World Aids Day.
3  International day of People with Disability.
4  World Wildlife Conservative Day.
5  International Volunteer Day.
Organized by the UN, when individuals and groups work together on projects and campaigns dealing with economic and social development.
10  Human Rights Day.
10  International Animals Rights Day.
11  International Mountain Day.
12  Full Moon in Gemini.
An inquisitive mood.
21  Summer Solstice. Longest day of the year for the Southern Hemisphere.
21  Litha (Pagan Wicca). A time to spend outdoors, celebrating with others the renewal and regenerative energy of the sun.
24  Christmas Eve...Time to hang up the stockings!
25  Christmas Day...Merry Christmas to you and yours!
26  Boxing Day...Day of rest, after all that food!
26  New Moon in Capricorn Eclipse. A business mood.
31  New Years Eve...Happy New Year everyone! May 2020 be your best year ever!


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2. Turn Over Two Tarot Cards to Answer the Monthly Question

Every Month I like to turn over 2 cards, one from the top of the deck to represent the Conscious energy and the other from the bottom of the deck to represent the Unconscious energy. I am always thinking of the big picture and exploring for the collective.

I asked the Tarots what they had to say about making 2020 the best year ever! The two cards I turned over were: 7 of Pentacles in the Conscious position and The World in the Unconscious position.

The 7 of Pentacles definitely shows we are contemplating over the year we have just had.

And The World in the unconscious position shows us that all The World is available to us!

The 7 of Pentacles is a number 7 which is all about internal assessment. Reevaluating and reassessing what is of value to us and our position in life. Looking at all the outcomes, from our work, personal accomplishments, financials through to our friends.

The man in the 7 Pentacles is looking at his harvest and considering what more can be done to achieve his goals. What else needs to be tweaked so the ROI is the best return possible.

There is a new off-shoot at his feet but he doesn't see this. If he looks long enough he may see it. I like that he is contemplating and reviewing because that way he will not be to hasty to throw out the baby with the bath water.

Pentacles connect with the Earth energy, Earth likes to be steady as he goes! They want results. Also, earthy people do not like to waste their time, money, effort or energy, so anything worth doing is worth doing it right the first time. Earth energy would not get involved in anything that is not of value.

The World definitely shows all the possibilities available to us. We chose to go in a particular direction and we need to take responsibility for that. The way I see this card is it really doesn't matter which direction you took it was still a successful outcome, even if a painful one.

The World card is number 21/3, and number 3 is all about growth and expansion, abundance and fertility. This card reminds me to be happy in any circumstance, when you do you are trusting the universe, that you are exactly where you are meant to be and you will not be disappointed.

In Summary, in relation to the question...

The 7 of Penatcles reminds me of reassessing not just the past year but the past 10 years because we are hitting a new decade next year. We need to reflect on how far we have come and acknowledge all the growth we have had.

The World represents 2020. It's a brand New Year, its a brand new decade and all is available to us. Think bigger than what you are because if you don't think big enough you will not know if you could achieve it. And that's what you really want to know, have you got it in you to achieve what you really want to do!



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3. Classes, Workshops, Programs and Products

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4. Festivals, Expo's, Special Events and Fundraisers


For November's meetup, Mark Sheppard came over to share the latest products released!

Mark Sheppard
will present workshops
for us again in 2020!

For our end of year meetup we will work through the doTerra Living Magazine and the latest information.

These meetings are invaluable to growing your confidence and knowledge with doTerra essential oils, products and of course growing your business.

Venue: Tarot in Action shop, 165 Pascoe Vale Rd, Moonee Ponds
Date: Tuesday 10 December 2019
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Information: Ruanna mobile 0418 388 712
Facebook Group: My doTERRA



Australia’s largest health, well-being and natural therapies event.

Learn from over 200 exhibitors, attend free inspirational seminars, book yourself a psychic reading, try some body pampering, watch the free stage performances, join a free meditation session and taste some delicious health foods!

Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre           
Date: Friday 5 - Monday 8 June 2020
Time: 10am - 7pm daily
More information: Register for your Free ticket here

A feast for your spirit and soul, it encompasses what positive energy is all about.

With tonnes of beautiful stalls and over 80 psychics you are bound to find what you are searching for.

Venue: Adelaide Showground, Goodwood Rd, Wayville, SA        
Date: Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 May 2020
Time: 10am - 6pm daily
More information: Click here

In 2020, it will be the 13th year of us gathering for this Annual LunaBears Picnic.

Every year we get together to donate funds to the Bear Sancutary in Luang Prabang, Laos, through the Free The Bears organisation with the resolve to end Bear bile farming forever!

We raised $340 in 2019!

We each contribute a little and together we make a huge difference. All the funds go towards, medicine, rescues, food, upkeep, you name it there is a lot of work that needs doing and all that costs money.

Venue: Queens Park, cnr Mt Alexander Rd and The Strand,
              Moonee Ponds       
Date: Sunday 25 October 2020
Time: 11am - 2pm
           ** Photo taken at 12 noon!
Donation: $30 per person
Information: Ruanna mobile 0418 388 712 or
                        email on info@tarotinaction.com.au
Facebook Group: LunaBears Lads and Ladys


This environmental organisation has been going for 25 years! The GENI initiative is about every continent linking up on an energy grid using renewable energy and sharing this sustainable energy with our neighbours across the time zones.

Join us for our Monthly Meetups, we alternate between Ascot Vale and in Mulgrave. We have a Guest Speaker, they present for 15mins, the rest of the time is spent networking.

All the Meetup dates are on our website: genifoundation.org.au
  • Volunteers welcome!
    Join us in making a difference to humanity
    with no harm to the environment!
  • Become a Patron and Pledge as little as $3US
    per month and lets put Solar Panels on Pensioners roofs!
Information: Ruanna 0418 388 712 or
Email on: info@genifoundation.org.au
Please like our Facebook Page: GENI Foundation


Learn practical skills & basic self defence techniques in a fun & supportive environment. Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation) is for everyone.

Our workshops provide participants with the basic skills that you will use in class. We will also teach you about our training systems and transitioning you from beginner to empowered black belt.
  • All courses are female only
  • Participants can complete the 4 week beginners course
  • Join regular on-going classes
  • We offer short courses
  • Group workshops - Personal and Corporate classes
  • Private lessons
Facebook Page for all classes info : Self-Defence Hub


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