Renewable Energy for Bowling Club

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IMG 4269a

Photo L-R: Inge, Ruanna, Malcolm, Martin, Harry and Kate.

Our 2nd meeting at the Moonee Ponds Bowling Club demonstration cooperation between Sustainability Victoria,
GENI Foundation, Bowling Club and Moonee Valley Council.

Thinking Globally Acting Locally!

World Environment Day 2011

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IMG 4490aWhat a team! What an event!

We had Channel 31 film the whole event and ABC TV News filmed Judith Durham sing her latest environment son 'Stop and Care'.

Front row L-R: Charles Kovess (Trustee of GENI Fdtn), Cathym, Judith Durham OAM (The Seekers), Wendy, Josephine, Jerry Speiser (Men At Work Drummer) and Peter Cook (DRREA)

Back Row L-R: Ruanna (Trustee of GENI Fdtn) Tracey & Willem, Christine and Rebekah.

IMG 4481a

"We Have the World in our Hands" -

Advertising the GENI Foundation event in the local Leader Newspaper.

Cancer Council - Relay for Life 2011

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IMG 4275a

Committed to walk the midnight run at Windy Hill for the annual Cancer Council Relay for Life. Dan's Martial Arts put in a great effort once again this year.

Thank you to all my sponsors. I personally raised a total of $455.

Photo: Ruanna and Kendall

Sexpo Melbourne 2010

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IMG 5795aMy how the time flies when you are having fun, especially at Sexpo in Melbourne.

I believe this event covers soo many areas for all sorts of reasons, topics like Aids, and the political Sex Party covering many issues that the normal political parties won't touch, hmmm...

As well as Tarot Readings!

Here I am with Regina. 

Flagging the Future

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Moonee Valley Leader Newspaper Jan 2010

Here I am being called upon to answer some questions for the Moonee Valley Community about local elections and even is the favorite to win the Australian Rule Football for the year!

All in a days work and a lot of fun to do...

Newspaper 2010

Mind Body and Soul in Tasmania

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IMG 2075aWent to Tasmania for the first time in 2010. It was very earthy and natural festival, just like you would expect it to be in Tasmania. The people were lovely and weather was just gorgeous, everything is so green! I look forward to travelling back to the apple isle once again.

Shared a lovely weekend with my buddy Shaki and met wonderful new folk. Stephanie who runs the Mind Body and Soul Festival in Tasmania is a mother of five and the whole festival was really warm, green and nurturing just like the Empress energy would be!

Photo L-R: Ruanna & Shaki out the front of the Town Hall in Launceston

Renewable Energy Project for Moonee Ponds

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First Bowling Meet May 10

Photo L-R: Malcolm, Martin, Ruanna, Paul and Harry

The GENI Foundation that I am the Trustee of initiated a meeting between the Moonee Valley Council (Paul), the Moonee Ponds Bowling Club (Martin), and the Environment Shop (Harry) to totally make the Moonee Ponds Bowling Club run on Renewable Resources.

Murrundindi at Healesville

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img 4193aPhoto: Ruanna and Murrundindi at Healesville Sancutary

Murrundindi works from the Healesville Sanctuary demonstrating the Boomerang and telling wonderful stories.

Murrundindi is an elder from the Wurrundjera Tribe and his great great great grandfather signed the Treaty with John Batman in Melbourne.

Murrundindi every year kindly supports the GENI Foundation with writing the Welcome speech to our events.

LunaBears Lads & Ladys 2010

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IMG 4109a

To many to mention in this year's annual photo and not everyone is here either.

Another great day had by all, even the weather was shining for us. What a great opportunity to meet one another and make a stand to support the Free The Bears organisation!

There are currently 25 people in LunaBears, this year we raised $960 and we are now sponsoring 3 Moon Bears in the Laos Sancutary.

World Environment Day 2010

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IMG 2400a

Photo L-R: Ruanna, Jerry Speiser and Judith Durham.

Celebrating the UN World Environment Day 2010 with the GENI Foundation members and supporters.


Photo: Ruanna with Bucky Fuller Dymaxion Globe.

Advertising the UN World Environment Day event in the local Moonee Valley Leader Newspaper.


Cancer Council - Relay for Life 2010

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IMG 2070bEvery year I commit to walk in the Cancer Council annual fundraiser 'Relay for Life'. I am very honoured to play my part and support this event.

My Taekwondo Club holds a stall through Moonee Valley held at the Windy Hill Essendon Football club grounds.

If you ever have the opportunity I can personally recommend it, as its not just about raising funds and awareness, but also remembering loved ones.

Photo: Sarah and Ruanna

Getting warmed up for my midnight walk. 2010 personally sponsored $113. Thank you to all my sponsors!

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