LunaBears Lads & Ladys 2012

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Lunabears 12

Picnic at Queens Park in Moonee Ponds again, the weather was stunning and so was the turnout!

Raised over $1000 this year and there are over 30 members in LunaBears today!

We only meet once a year and contribute $30 each.

I invite you to join us and support the Free the Bears Foundation look after these beautiful creatures that deserve better!

Mind Body Spirit Festival Adelaide 2012

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IMG 5728aUp early to start the day in Adelaide at the 1st Mind Body Spirit Festival over there.

There were familiar faces in the huge Reading Room and there was good energy bouncing off the walls filled with excitement around it being the 1st MBS in Adelaide, we didn't know what to expect.

All the Readers were booked out by 4:30pm every afternoon, this was a very good indication indeed that the festival was a huge success.

Photo: Judy, Lauren and Ruanna

RiverWalkers August 2012

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IMG 5248aWe are still at it...walking around the Maribyrnong River and helping each other 'to Keep Fit and Stay Fit'.

And now all our doggy friends join us for this monthly ritual.

Photo L-R: Annalise with Oliver and Maggie, Janene with Sumo, Anne and Ruanna with Carlos.

doTerra at Melbourne MBS Festival

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Ru rani markaCaught up with Rani and Mark at the Melbourne Mind Body and Spirit Festival June 2012.

I would visit with them everyday to talk about the Oils there is always something new to learn, it was also good excuse to use the doTerra Essential Oils and share them with my Tarot reading friends in the Reading room.

Photo: Ruanna, Rani and Mark

Mind Body Spirit Festival May 2012

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IMG 5171aOnce again the Mind Body Spirit Festival proved to be another huge success this year in Sydney.

Every time I'm there I make distinctions with how hugely popular the Mind Body Spirit Festival actually is, the queues are long!! No matter if in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, people are searching, seeking answers and new ways to transform themselves for the better. This year the MBS will be going to Adelaide late September!

It was wonderful to hear Merv Harvey being acknowledged this year for all his efforts, time and love that he puts into creating the space for all us readers. He looks after each and everyone of us, from setting up photos, online bookings and for providing and collating a feedback system.

Photo: You can see me in the front. Back row L-R: Lauren, Anne, Vicki, Chinzia and Jackie. Don't who the guy is in the background Hmmm!

Diploma in Sports 2011

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IMG 4467aSince 1995 I have studied Martial Arts Taekwondo, I have competed in many Poomsae competitions on State and National levels, I have taught new beginners thorugh to junior black belt classes.

In 2011, I received my Diploma Certificate in Sports Coaching and Sports Development, through the Australian College of Sports Development.

Photo L- R: Richard Norton, Ruanna and Barry Johnson

Here I am receiving my Diploma Certificates and being photographed with a Martial Arts legend Richard Norton and Barry Johnson from the Australian College of Sports Development.


Laos to Visit the Bear Sancutary

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IMG 5509a

What a dream come true!

For the past 5 years the LunaBears Lads and Ladys have been coming together once a year to raise funds and awareness for the Moon Bears. Our committment and purpose is to stop the Bear Bile Farms giving a better quality of life to the Bears and to the people of Laos.

In September 2012 my friend Annalise and I visited this Sancutary in Luang Prabang Laos.

Future By Design Workshop

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YFBD Group a
I was honoured to be part of presenting the Future By Design workshop with Jerry Speiser.

Jerry presents many of the Generalised Principles that Bucky Fuller highlighted throughout his lifetime.

Here is a great photo of all the participants building their Buckyfullerine structures, with many of the Logistics team standing along the back.

World Environment Day 2012

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Christines Personal Photos 081Once again we came together to raise the awareness that there are many Solutions to many of the Worlds most pressing problems.

Our GENI Foundation event this year was titled "Corporate Renewable Success - GENI has the Solution!"

Our focus this year was to connect with Corporate Renewable companies, and that we did! We added over 60 renewbale energy companies to our database.

Photo: Christine, Peter Ho (Phooey Architects), Jerry Speiser, Ruanna.

Moonee Ponds Healers Market 2011

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In Dec 2011, all the stall holders presented the Ian Gawler Foundation a handsome cheque for $3,000.

Here is the colouful bunch standing with a representative from the Ian Gawler Foundation.

Not a bad effort for a little local monthly Healers Market. So come on down and support us make a difference! 

LunaBears Lads & Ladys 2011

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IMG 4831a

My dog Carlos got in this photo this year!

We are so proud once again to sponsor the Laos Sanctuary and to bring awareness and support not only
for the Moon Bears but to the local Laos community.

Back row L-R: Dimitra, Annalise, Wendy and Michelle
Front row L-R: Veronica Carlos (licking Veronica's ear) and Ruanna

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