Making A Difference Foundation - Comedy Night

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IMG 7737aEvery year I like to support the Making A Difference Foundation and go to the Comics Lounge in North Melbounre with friends.

This year the date was set for 20 March, which also happened to be "International Day of Happiness."

What a wonderful fun way to celebrate this day, supporting a charity organisation and watching comedians laughing the night away.

Planetarium March 2014

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IMG 7729aEvery year I like to go to the Melbourne Planetarium and get an update on whats happening out there in the Universe.

This year I learned that a rocket did make it to Mercury, but only lasted 2 hours! just enough to take photos and beam back to Earth.

Also learned that our probes are travelling outside our Sun's Helioscope range and into interstellar space. There is also another probe heading towards Pluto, some of Clyde Tombaugh's, the discoverer's ashes will be on this probe. It will take pictures of Pluto and transmit them back to us. It will the first time we will actually see what this dwarf planet looks like.

Also saw Jupiter with its 4 Moon's distinctively orbiting this giant planet through the telescopes they set up outside...very exciting indeed!

Revelations March 2014

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Where did Febr1779141 10152232914030629 851482150 nuary go?

How fast was that!

Maybe Mercury in Retrograde had something to do with it?

Hopefully with all that is happening in March we can ground ourselves again, and also celebrate all our accomplishments!

Revelations for March 2014


I AM Health Promo

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IMG 7707aIt was a warm night and a fun evening sharing and viewing with everyone at the Promo viewing of I AM Health.

The venue was the Loop Bar at the top end of Melbourne City. Fabulous layout with bar of course and a viewing room for short films, etc.IMG 7703a

Here I am with a few of the participants of I Am Health, Rob Lobosco and some of my friends.


Hens Party in Pakenham and Berwick

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IMG 7708aWhat a special day! It was a day filled with the number 2!

I had 2 Hens parties to do Tarot readings at, one in Pakenham and the other in Berwick. Both addresses were the number 22. In the first house I had 22 guests to do Tarot readings for!

I left one house at 2pm and drove to my other appointment by 2:30pm. When I looked at the time it was 2:22pm.

When I returned home and watched the Olympics that night, the Australian 4 team bobsleigh boys just ran their course and their best time was 2.22! It was also the 22nd Olympiads!

Very special day indeed!!

Riverwalkers January 2014

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IMG 7659aStarted our 5th year of RiverWalking!

There is always a new person to meet and get to know, as well as catch up with the regular walkers.

Please join our Facebook Group for all the details and dates of the RiverWalkers for 2014.

I welcome you to start your own walking group, take a photo and paste it on the Facebook group page and lets support each other to "Keep Fit".

Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane 2014

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1978668 10202146828485618 368477717 nA new month and a new venue this time for the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane 2014.

No longer working from the Brisbane shgowgrounds due to renovations, so we where in Southbank at the Exhibition Centre.

It is always a blessing to work at the MBS events and so wonderful to catch up with all my buddies.

IMG 7723aHere we are celebrating and networking on the Saturday night, when we all get told the latest MBS news, updates and statistics. Yep numbers were up by the Saturday night and we still had Sunday to go!

This is also the view from my lovely room. Thanks Brisbane for having me!


GENI Foundation - Team Meeting

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Meet Feb 14Starting the new 2014 year again with a team meeting to re-launch the GENI Initiative in Australia.

Since 1990 I have been volunteering to the GENI Foundation and we are very excited about the new direction we are going with GENI in this country. 

Visit the GENI Foundation website for more information or your support.

The game is on!

IFSA Australian Chapter - Year of the Horse 2014

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IMG 7668aAnother wonderful Chinese banquet was held in honour of the Chinese New Year of the Horse for 2014 through the Chinese Museum, Melbourne.

Every year the IFSA Australian Chapter invites Tarot in Action and its members to this event and every year that we attend we are definitely not disppointed.IMG 7675a

Three wonderful speakers presenting Feng Shui, from 'How to Stop your Flying Star from Falling Down' by Howard Choy, through to Edgar Lok Tin Yung running through all the Chinese zodiac and how they will perform in the Year of the Horse.

It was also wonderful to hear how many similarities there are between Feng Shui and the Tarot...!

If you would like to join us for next years celebrations, please subscribe to my newsletter for the details.



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